About MED

Driven by innovation and Time to Market, we are a multi-cultural group able to provide End-to-End solutions from consumer electronics to professional market.

We recruit people who will contribute to our project while developing themselves.

We drive our businesses and our employees with passion, transparency, integrity and creativity.

Whatever our position in the company, we consider the others, their friends, their relatives and business contacts / partners with respect and humility.

The MED Process

Market research

We understand the market needs and evolutions through various inputs.

2. Purposeful design

We transform insights into tangible design concepts for better user experiences.

3. Product development

We turn concepts into products utilizing strong project management and manufacturing cooperation.

4. Product manufacturing

We work with the best to guarantee the best ratio lead time vs quality vs price.

5. Seemless connection

We connect our products to apps and web platforms in order to scale up our audience to critical mass.

6. Story building

We demonstrate the benefits of our products to our audience with various online communication tools.

7. Web presence

We generate traffic to our own websites with relevant B2B and B2C e-commerce methods.

8. Retail support

We support resellers with various in store training and co-op promotions

Strategic Partners

More about us

MED achieves perfect vertical integration of electronic and mechanical product especially in RF (connecting device). We are capable of taking innovative concepts from idea to market in a timely manner.

MED is specialized in creating next generation wearables and smart health care accessories. This segment is entering a rapid growth cycle that is forecast to grow to a value of 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

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